Netflix Review: You (Season 1)

This is a show that I heard about first from a YouTube channel I follow, Screen Junkies News, and so I decided to check it out (you should check out their channel too if you get the chance!). And I want to say it was worth it, but that wouldn’t quite be enough to describe the breadth of feelings I have about this show.
You was created by Greg Berlanti (most recently directed Love, Simon) and Sera Gamble (known for Supernatural and The Magicians), and has been talked about as one of the most “binge-worthy” shows currently on Netflix. And I would have to agree with that statement, as even after the first episode it is hard to turn off. One thing that makes this such a compelling-to-watch story is that it feels real. All too real. I got the chills several times by actions taken in the show. It centers on Joe, a bookstore manager, and his building obsession with an aspiring writer, Beck. As he tries to not only know more about her, but sway her toward wanting to be with him, his actions become more and more unforgivable. Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl) is terrifying and charming, like many good, psychotic antagonists past, and he is cast alongside newcomer Elizabeth Lail, whose character is much more complex, being unraveled one episode at a time. The tone of the show is reminiscent of movies like Gone Girl and Nightcrawler, but I will say that there was much more blatant sexuality than I think was needed, having already witnessed the extent of obsession and desire from the beginning. That being said, as the first season ended on an unexpected twist, it left me wanting to know more. I will be waiting to surely unravel the final scene throughout the second season, which does not yet have a release date but will likely be toward the end of this year.
Given everything that’s on Netflix right now, this show doesn’t come in at the top of my recommendations, but watch an episode or two if it sounds interesting enough for you and let me know what you think. As I stated in my previous post, I will be continuing to review non-theatrical movies and tv shows once/week until I am caught up with everything I’ve watched since the start of this year. Next week will be both a review of The Kominsky Method, as well as a movie I am heading off to see right now! Thanks for reading, cheers!

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