The Journey Begins…


Thanks for joining me! I don't claim to be a film expert, but I have found enjoyment in experiencing many different genres and styles of film, and would like to further my journey by sharing the experience with you all. This blog is meant to highlight reviews which are my own personal thoughts and feelings … Continue reading The Journey Begins…

HBO Review: Barry (Seasons 1-4)

Let me take you back 5 years. It was March of 2018. The hype around Avengers: Infinity War was real (and so were the early spoilers - we will never forgive you, Mark Ruffalo). "Covid-19" was neither a pandemic nor plandemic on anyone's mind. Donald Trump was president. Eesh, let's get back to the good … Continue reading HBO Review: Barry (Seasons 1-4)

Disney+ Review: The Mandalorian (Seasons 1-2)

If you have been following Disney+'s newest hit series The Mandalorian as closely as I have, then you probably also finished the season two finale around 1:00am on Friday, December 18th. This is the way. The second season recently finished and now the long wait returns for the next installment in Star Wars storytelling. But … Continue reading Disney+ Review: The Mandalorian (Seasons 1-2)

Nickelodeon Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender

This feels nice. In case you're new here, I started this blog almost two years ago because I was watching a vast quantity of movies and streaming series and felt like I needed an additional avenue to share my thoughts and discuss with others. Then writing quickly became something I just wanted to do, so … Continue reading Nickelodeon Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender