Other Films/Series I’ve Been Watching!

I’ve been doing some deliberating lately, and I keep returning to the fact that I’m really only giving you all, the readers, a piece of my film pie. Granted, it is still a decent-sized piece, and I hope you’re not complaining. But then again, maybe you thought theatre films are all I watch? I’ve given you no other indication to the depths of my cinema digestion. So let me clear the air: the depths are real. So real, in fact, that it’s lead me to a verdict of disclosing those depths with you.

Now, this is still in hopes of pointing you toward some worthwhile watches and steering you away from their counterparts, but I suspect that it won’t be as detailed. In addition to the occasional Redbox rental or descent into the Netflix movie vault, I quite enjoy streaming television series, especially original content, on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime (I told you, it’s deep), and most series encapsulate an extended amount of viewing time in comparison with theatrical releases. Thus, I would like to review each of them, but it shall be done in such a concise manner as my normal posts. I reserve the right to review, for example, all 3 seasons of The Man in the High Castle (30 episodes, 25 hours, or 1500 minutes) in roughly 400 words. Also known as, not much. Especially for the time put in, but I promise to make it worth the read. And relax, I won’t drop all this content on you like a piano hanging over a door in a cartoon sketch. I’ll simply let it down slowly and hope that you have enough time to both enjoy it and step aside before it smushes you 🙂 (That is to say, I will release one review per week until either I am caught up, or fall so far behind that I choose to release them faster while questioning my sanity). So stay tuned and keep an eye open for posts nestled under the category of “Other Films/Series I’ve Been Watching.” Cheers!

“Poor flat bastard.” -Zombieland

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