Amazon Prime Review: Hunters

Wow, remember when I said "I basically have [all the] time [in the world] to catch up on delayed streaming reviews"? If not, it's okay because I do...I said/implied that, thinking that I would be writing everyday and then staggering the releases of my review posts to gather a steady stream of views for weeks … Continue reading Amazon Prime Review: Hunters

Covid-19 Quarantine Watch List!

I realize that there are all sorts of different activities you could find to fill your time (reading, cleaning/organizing, video games, etc.), but hey, I do movie reviews. That's kinda my thing, so I'm sticking to it. No, this is not a review post. Instead, I would like to make some personal suggestions for films … Continue reading Covid-19 Quarantine Watch List!

Netflix Review: 13 Reasons Why (Seasons 1-3)

I've followed this show from the beginning. If you don't remember, there was hellfire raining down from the press about the premise and the violent acts depicted when 13 Reasons Why first hit Netflix 3 years ago. Specialists and news anchors and religions and pretty much everyone else who heard about the show had a … Continue reading Netflix Review: 13 Reasons Why (Seasons 1-3)

Amazon Prime Review: Jack Ryan (Season 2)

John Krasinski joins an elite class of acting entering his second season of the streaming series Jack Ryan. Only one other actor reprised the role, and that was the great and grumpy Harrison Ford in 1994 with Clear and Present Danger, just two years after he starred in Patriot Games. In fact, the group of … Continue reading Amazon Prime Review: Jack Ryan (Season 2)

Netflix Review: The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance

Did you ever watch The Dark Crystal growing up? Although not one of my "favorite" films, my first interaction with the 1982 Jim Henson/Frank Oz puppet film was through a recorded VHS tape I found stashed among our old movie collection as a kid. I literally pulled it out one day, thought "what movie is … Continue reading Netflix Review: The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance

Netflix Review: Mindhunter (Seasons 1-2)

I halfheartedly watched the first episode almost two years starts with a bang (literally), I remembered that much. But I must have started losing interest during that episode as it still drags a lot in the wake of Special Agent Holden Ford's "success." Apparently the sprawling city titles and narrative-inducing self-pity couldn't stave off … Continue reading Netflix Review: Mindhunter (Seasons 1-2)