Review: Never Surrender, A Galaxy Quest Documentary

I’m not going to write a full review, but it didn’t feel right leaving the theatre and not saying something about this film. I’ve been following the Fandom Entertainment (formerly Screen Junkies Universe) YouTube channel for many years. They have gone through changes and updates including being bought out by Fandom last year that have brought them a long way from where they first began, but I like were they are now. Dan, Roth, Spencer, Joe, and many others work very hard at reporting and commenting on Hollywood news, discussing what’s happening in the “Streaming Wars”, and creating tons of cool things like Power Levels (using science to decide which fictionalized character would win with their abilities, e.g. Elsa or Frozone?), Honest Trailers (being honest with everything about movies…in parody fashion), and now a FEATURE LENGTH FILM. So naturally I had to go see it.
And of course, they did a fantastic job. Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary compiles actual film footage, outtakes, behind-the-scenes during the making of the film, and interviews with comic-con fans and the cast and crew of the movie Galaxy Quest. If you haven’t seen the 1999 satire that plays on Star Trek but is also just an amazing thing of it’s own accord, please go watch that next. You probably won’t regret it. It’s a comedy, action, drama film that really was ahead of it’s time in regards to fan culture. But anyway, the Fandom crew put together a very heartfelt 95 minute documentary that, although pretty completely one-sided in devotion to the film, is very detailed and well put-together. And every interview was done in the past two years as they have been working hard on this film while also doing their other jobs everyday for quite some time.
And that’s really all I wanted to say, just to represent them here on my film review blog and give them kudos for everything they do. I enjoyed seeing this documentary and seeing their hard work pay off, and I’m excited to watch Dan Murrell host his weekly segment ‘Charting w/ Dan!’ this next Monday and get to talk about the numbers breakdown for his own film. That’s so cool. Unfortunately for now, if you didn’t get to see this documentary film today, it was only a one-day event. They have said that they will be trying to release it in other ways if possible at a later time, but you will have to wait. If you have never heard of Screen Junkies or Fandom Entertainment before, I’ve included a link to their YouTube channels if you wanna check it out. As a cinema fan I like being caught up on what’s happening throughout film production and even beforehand during the “film speculation” phase, and then long afterward in the endless debates and re-visiting of divisive movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and if that’s just not you…cool, that’s okay. You do you 🙂 But I enjoy it, and I enjoyed this documentary, and I hope that if nothing else you enjoy Galaxy Quest. Cheers! (Screen Junkies) (Fandom Entertainment)

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