Netflix Review: Rim of the World

I watched a YouTube video with writer Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class) making a guest appearance a couple weeks back, and his talk about his newest movie peaked my interest. Does it resemble the plot of many “kid’s adventure/sci-fi” films and series from the past few years? Yes. So why spend your time watching a generic, straight-to-Netflix movie? Two reasons, I think. First, because the idea for and production of this film happened before others like Stranger Things were making a splash, making the tropes a direct throwback to classics like The Goonies and Stand By Me instead of ripping off other recent releases. And second, it made me laugh. Sure it’s a bit predictable throughout, and a little over-the-top meta at times, but I was happy to turn this one on over the holiday weekend 🙂
Not gonna be a lengthy review here, mostly because with the three other films I went to see in theatres this weekend, I’m getting surprisingly annoyed with staring at my computer screen . My pale skin needs some sun…but more on that later (actually, nope). Rim of the World: jokes, tropes, and aliens…oh my. Four very different kids find themselves trying to enjoy a summer camp when the earth is attacked by aliens with detaching back-puppies. Awwww cute! Until the dog eats your face, that is, because these aliens are definitely here to do humanity some harm. The plot falls into the hands of Alex, Dariush, ZhenZhen, and Gabriel when a NASA pilot crashes nearby and gives them a key that will stop the invasion, right before she gets stomped on by an alien. From there, the kids have to travel 70+ miles into the city to deliver the key into safe hands. Along the way, they find themselves in a variety of bad situations in addition to being stalked by the alien that stomped the key’s previous owner. Will they get there alive? Of course they will! You can’t kill off a kid in a TV-14 movie…
Set in the present day, you won’t get the 80’s nostalgia watching this one, but the jokes and pop culture references are enough for me to give it a solid B rating. Noteworthy references made include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Marley and Me, Beethoven, John Wick, The Wolverine, Alien, Gladiator, and Independence Day, with scenes and sequences that will remind you of other classics like Jurassic Park, The Breakfast Club, Predator, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. I probably missed a few, so watch for yourself if it sounds at all interesting to you and comment below with your thoughts and additional movie references. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and this short review, cheers!

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