Netflix Review: Santa Clarita Diet (Seasons 1-3)

Ever had a bad feeling about something you ate? Even if it didn’t make you sick or give you bad gas for the evening, we’ve probably all been there. Well, imagine that after getting home from dinner you then proceed to paint the bathroom walls with the contents of your stomach. Because then you would relate more to this insane undead comedy…but actually I hope you don’t relate, because in Santa Clarita Diet that person now prefers to eat other people.
Meet Sheila Hammond (played by Drew Barrymore). Caring mother. Hard-working wife. New kind of zombie. Except she really doesn’t appreciate the baggage that comes with that last title…The show focuses on her family, including husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and daughter Abby. Also Abby’s best friend/neighbor Eric plays a big role, along with many other recurring supporting cast members. And like I said, Sheila now eats people. But only the bad ones! And even if that first paragraph visual gave you the heebie-jeebies, this show might actually still be for you. Probably not, but I’ll let you be the one to rule it out, because I’m all in on everyone giving it a watch. And if it made you hungry, then please just keep that information to yourself.
Again, all 3 seasons being reviewed here. Again, bite me (figure of speech, don’t actually try to eat me please). Our house binged the second and third season as soon as we could after they released, so as you can guess I really like this show. But there’s more to it than just zombie mom eating bad people and sometimes annoying or threatening people that get in her way. The comedy brought to the Hammond’s situation is side splitting. They are realtors trying to survive the market competition, parents trying to raise a snarky and temperamental teenage daughter, and eventually also killers trying to not get found out by their nosy neighbors and other plot line characters. And in trying to figure out what is happening to Sheila and everything it means for them as a family, the other characters coming in and out of the storyline are beginning to notice differences and unexplainable events. But remember, this is a comedy. And they remind you of that often, as even the “dramatic moments” tend to wrap up with someone getting chewed on. Something I don’t mind so much because it really fits the characters and their situation, but they do swear often, so bear that in mind if it can bother you. Otherwise, the twists and turns of the show have been very fresh and well-received so far, and they look to continue into season 4 with an “I-kinda-saw-it-coming-but-really-not-like-that” cliffhanger to end the latest season.
This truly is one of my “new” favorite shows (even though I’ve been watching it for three years) and I would say one of the few original gems amongst a pile of Netflix garbage. I’m going to keep this one short because there is a lot I could say to promote the show but you’re either in or out. Or I guess if you’re not sure and have a question for me then you may kindly leave it in the comments below 🙂 But honestly, if you like comedy and can stomach some on-screen intestines and plenty of red food coloring, then look no further for your next weekend off watch list. And speaking of weekend watch lists, this weekend mine will include the long-awaited for Avengers: Endgame which hits theatres tonight! I will be going Saturday night, so look for a spoiler free review right here Sunday afternoon. Cheers!

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